Raleigh Precision Products prides itself in being one of the few true “full service” suppliers in the plastics industry. While we are located in Kenly, NC, we also service the Raleigh, NC area. The technicians at Raleigh Precision pride themselves on being able to guide someone from the initial concept phase through the development phases and to the finished product. If you need help with just production or drafting, Raleigh Precision Products can help you with that too.

plastic parts design and modeling services in kenly, nc

Plastic Parts Design & Modeling

We work with our customers, adding our expertise in plastics to their concept to develop a three-dimensional part model. The 3D model can be used to create assemblies, and even check for fit.

part prototyping and proof of design kenly, nc

Prototyping / Proof of Design

From our 3D model, we can print prototypes for evaluation and functional testing. Changes to design can be quickly implemented, re-printed, and re-evaluated. Since the model is a representation of the final product, there should be little deviation between the model and the final product.

plastic injection mold kenly, nc

Plastic Injection Mold Design

During the mold design process, we look to ensure that the critical molding features are fail-safe, the mold has cooling in the proper places, part ejection is in the proper location, and the mold has a balanced flow. These are design keys that ensure a sustainable, stable, efficient, and profitable production mold.

production mold creation in kenly, nc

Production Mold

Once the injection mold design is approved, we work with tool makers to oversee the mold-building process.

injected mold product manufacturing kenly, nc

Injection Molded Product

Once the mold is constructed, it will be sampled to ensure the design criteria meet manufacturing and quality requirements. When the parts meet the specifications, and the customer approves them, production orders will be scheduled.

part packaging services manufacturing kenly, nc

Packaging Services

We work with our customers to find cost-effective packaging methods for domestic and international shipments. We have even provided drop-test data for customer satisfaction and assurance of safe transport.